Company Formation

If you’re thinking of forming a limited company, chances are you have a few questions…

Why should I incorporate?

There are many reasons why you might wish to incorporate your business. Contractors may not use sole traders as subbies; you might want the credibility that incorporation can give by presenting yourself as more than a “one mand band”; the tax advantages that incorporation offers.

How do I do it?

We offer a comprehensive formation service. designed to give you the company you want or need, to meet your aspirations, including:

How long does it take?

We can offer a same day service, but normally the company is formed within 24 hours of you giving us a written instruction. We request written instructions to eliminate the possibility of error. Spelling mistakes, particularly in the chosen name, can be difficult to correct, and there is an additional fee payable to correct some of these items.

Is operating as a limited company complicated?

It’s true that operating via incorporation is more complicated, but most of that falls on us. There is a significant amount of extra work involved looking after a company than a sole trader, and where you need to do something different, we will be there to help you get that right. Things like ensuring the company number and place of registration is shown on your letterheads, or your web site. We will keep you compliant, allowing you to do what you do best, with the minimum fuss and involvement by you.


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