Cloud Bookkeeping

Summary of features

  • Your bank accounts can feed directly into the system, which keeps your accounts up to date and fully reconciled to the bank… this feature will save you a significant amount of time.
  • 24/7 access to up-to-date financial information and reports from any device with an internet connection
  • Sensitive financial data is secure and backed up automatically
  • Use of Entryless to capture ALL purchases invoices
  • Reduced accountancy fees, as it is easier for us to produce year end accounts
  • Since we can access your data 24/7 you get more value from us – we can help you run and grow your business rather than just add up the numbers.  We can support you with your key decisions.
  • Use of the quotation system, allowing you to email quotes to clients on the spot, giving you the potential to obtain more work (and save you working in the evening typing up manual quotes)
  • Fast, simple customised sales invoicing will make your life simpler
  • Quicker cash collection – The system allows you to embody payment methods into your invoicing at the touch of a button you can get instant reports on your business.
  • No system downtime because all software upgrades are automatically installed.  This worry-free maintenance saves you time and hassle.


World class systems

We use industry leading cloud bookkeeping software and invite you to do the same!

We request that you allow automatic bank feeds into the accounting software, to allow us to match purchases and sales revenues to bank transactions, and to reconcile the bank account.

Gain an edge over your competitors

You can use the quotation system, and email this to your client on the spot if necessary, and then convert that to an invoice once the work is completed, eliminating the need to work through the evening performing administration work.

You can use one of the add-ons (small additional fee involved) to collect payments using the clients debit/credit cards, without a card reader.

We can provide you with access to the software so that you can take advantage of all of these benefits, and in the process achieve as close to real time bookkeeping as is possible, allowing you to interact with your accountant whilst both looking at the current position within your businesses finances. Advice and guidance based on a known current position rather than an out of date set of annual accounts!

We will set you up and support you every month with our real time accounting system.  The system will put you in complete control of your numbers.  Cloud accounting software companies charge a monthly subscription for using their system (for example, an annual subscription to the premium version of Xero is £360).  But as part of our cloud accounting packages we pay this on your behalf, which means you get all these benefits of a real time accounting system included in our fee.

It’s one thing having the numbers, but it’s quite another to understand and benefit from them

The real power of a cloud accounting system is having important management information to hand.  Information such as, who owes you money, what are your sales this month and are you making a profit?  As part of our cloud accounting service we will help you set up the key reports you need so that the most important information is always a click away.  Having your finger on the pulse of your business is critical for making the right business decisions.  You need to know the key numbers, no matter how small or large your business is.


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