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e are a firm of accountants that provide a full service to our clients, keeping them compliant and working with them to cover all of their accounting needs throughout the year.

What you may not realise is that we also operate as a payroll bureau, providing payroll services only to businesses, where desired.

We recently started working for an individual that runs a cleaning business, who provides general cleaning services to both commercial and domestic customers. We fulfil their payroll duties on a monthly basis, preparing and submitting all necessary reports so that they remain compliant with HMRC, as well as preparing payslips for the 20+ staff and providing these to the client. This is a service that they were accustomed to receiving with another bureau before deciding to hire us as their new provider.

After we prepared their monthly payslips and reports for the first time, we were given some positive feedback; Our new client used to receive 20+ payslips a month, and would have to open up each one individually in order to find out how much to pay each member of staff. This was a monthly occurrence. When we provide payslips to our clients, we always provide an accompanying Payment Summary sheet that lists on one sheet of paper exactly how much should be paid to each member of staff, along with any payments required to HMRC and pension providers.

Having all of that information on one sheet of paper saves time, gives more confidence to the employer and reduces the risk of error. Not only that, but it gives an ‘at-a-glance’ view of exactly how much is going out on wages in that particular pay-period.

So think about your payroll provider. Do they make the job of paying your employees as easy as possible, or do you find yourself doing half the job?

To discuss any issues this may raise please call our Managing Director Barry on 07899 947578 or the office on 01427 679175

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