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recently attended the premises of a prospect to discuss her accounting requirements. During the conversation it became apparent that she had been extremely badly served by previous bookkeepers and accountants. The service had been so bad in fact, that she had needed to rekey two years’ worth of bookkeeping because such a mess and been made by her first bookkeeper.

Once the prospect had completed this work, she recognised that there was a difference in the VAT account with each quarter owing more to the revenue than had been originally declared and paid. The overall total came to more than £10,000 requiring a report to HMRC of the error.

She had previously instructed her accountant to do this and he failed to take any action. She then changed accountants about six months ago and brought this matter to their attention as well wanting to put this matter to bed. They too have failed to act!

During our conversation it became apparent this lady was stressed because of this outstanding liability. She wanted it resolving as it was losing her sleep. I therefore contacted my office immediately and gave them the details that we required to sort this out for her.

My colleague Ben very kindly completed the relevant documentation and produced a letter that was forwarded to the client for signature and the whole thing was reported to HMRC within 24 hours of my meeting with prospect. The prospect is now our client and very happy with the initial service that we’ve given her. She is also now able to sleep!

Are you a bookkeeper?

We were referred to this individual by the new bookkeeper that they had hired to help them rekey the two years’ worth of data. We have relationships with bookkeepers, like this one, so that we can provide help and ask for help when needed. If you are a bookkeeper and you are interested in working with us, we welcome you to get in touch.

To discuss any issues this may raise please call Barry on 07899 947578 or the office on 01427 679175

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